Monday, August 10, 2015

Biking Everywhere

So we biked every day last week, and it was soooooo hot. Yes I do have a water bottle, thank goodness! I'm constantly drinking a ton of water every day, all day long haha. Everyone we talk to says this summer has been weird, because it's never this hot for this long in Laramie. Oh well! At least it's not snowing yet. And yeah, biking in a skirt is tough. I bought some leggings, which work really well. But I've started to like riding the bikes and I think we'll do it more often now!

The next morning, we get a call from our elders quorum president. He wanted us to help move a new family into the ward. Turns out, the mom just got baptized last Saturday! And her 8 yr. old daughter did too! And her husband isn't a member but he's taking the lessons currently. They're from Greenriver, WY. It was like an immediate miracle that came to us because of our striving to be exactly obedient and an answer to our prayers for finding more people to teach. Now we get to teach a new investigator and also teach the new member lessons!! I'm so excited! And so so grateful for Heavenly Father for trusting us with a few of His previous children to teach. they even came to sacrament mtg. yesterday and many members were welcoming them and introducing themselves. It was so cool to see the ward pull together and fellowship them. I love my area soooooo much(:

We met with our investigator this week, and she let us in and fed us chips and salsa, and we just had a good chat with her about questions she had concerning the church and comments she had about the Ensign we gave her the week before. She like read the whole thing! It was a casual, comfortable conversation and we really built up trust and our relationship. And when the conversation just flows like that, that's when you know that the Spirit is guiding the lesson. She is so prepared(: She's so interested in the history aspect of our church, and all religions, so we will teach her the Restoration lesson next week. Should be great!

So, bad news :(. Sister Martin is being transferred tomorrow... And I am so sad. I can't imagine being in this area without her. I'm going to miss my mom so much!!! She has taught me so many things and I've learned so much from her, and she's been such a blessing to this area in helping prepare souls to come unto Christ. Her personality and character shines bright, and the ward members all absolutely love her. She will be greatly missed, mostly by me :(  We've become so close and such good friends. But she will do great things in Casper, WY! AND she is going to be a Sister Training Leader! Because she's awesome! I love her so much. 

My new companion will be Sister Gardener. She will be my trainer for my second phase, aka my "step-mom." I'm hopeful that we can hit the ground running this new transfer and be able to work mighty miracles in our area. I'm so nervous, but like Sister Martin said to me, "Now we both have a chance to grow." So true.(:  

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