Monday, August 10, 2015

New companion!

It's been a hard week! I miss Sister Martin a lot, we became like best friends and always had so much fun together. I know she's doing great things as a Sister Training Leader up in Casper. She told me that I am the least green greenie that she has ever seen! So now, I'm leading this area and it's only my second transfer. The statement is true that says "As you follow the little commandments, God knows He can trust you with big responsibility." I hope and pray that I will be able to be an effective leader and follow the spirit each and every day.

Sister Gardner is from Enterprise, Utah (by st. geoege) and she has been out for 11 months. She started in the Montana Billings mission but then was in Riverton in April when our mission took in that area. She's nice and a very hard worker! It was her birthday on Saturday, and we didn't have a dinner appointment so I took her out to dinner. The ZLs brought her a present too! It was a bunch of chocolate and Book of Mormons.(: 

This week we stayed really busy. Our goal each week is 20 lessons, and we had 26! So that was awesome. We contacted a lot of referrals from Bishop Wilson and from other members.

We taught our Spanish investigator, on Thursday and had an awesome lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation! A member in our ward, is in her early 20s and is from Peru so she translated for us.
She remembered a lot about the Plan of Salvation because she's been taught it before, but was also confused about other parts. But as we explained, I could see her eyes light up and the spirit enlightening her mind to help her understand. It was so cool!! The spirit was very strong. 

We aren't biking anymore since it's a new month, which means new miles on our car. Sister Gardner asked me how many miles we get per month, and I said "I think 750... That's what Sister Martin and I thought it was last month." Which is why we had to bike a lot because we went about 100 miles over! So Sister Gardner asked the ZLs how many, and they said, "Well, it was 1,000 last month so it's probably the same this month." Haha! Sister Martin and I biked for nothing! Lesson learned: Don't Assume.(; But I don't mind, I loved biking with her.

In Ward Council this week we had the training from our Bishop about Sabbath Day Observance, which every single Ward is getting directly from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. I find it interesting that of all of the topics they could have chosen, they chose keeping the Sabbath Day holy. They said that this is what will help church members and church attendance more than anything. Are we all doing our very best to give this sacred day each week to the Lord?

Sunday night we had President Brown (counselor in mission presidency) and his wife give all the missionaries in Laramie and the ward missionaries and ward mission leaders a training about utilizing members in the work!! And it's exactly what our ward needs at this point! The Spirit taught me many things and ways to get the members more involved in the work. We need them to form long lasting relationships with the people we are teaching, because we missionaries won't be here forever, but the ward members will! 

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