Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Month!

Things are going great here in Laramie! Monday we went shopping after emailing, which pretty much meant that I bought a watch at Walmart and Sister Martin bought some shampoo haha. We played soccer with the Elders in Laramie and also a member family, so that was way fun! Monday night we went tracting and no one was interested, so we decided to try one more door and this man answered and came out onto his porch, and talked to us for like 40 minutes! He's catholic and was telling us about all of these crazy abstract things he believes that I've never heard of before.. And then was asking us a lot of deep doctrinal questions about the Mormon religion and what we believe. We just simply testified, we told him what we believed and knew to be true, and we kept it simple and used scripture references to support! And to his questions that we didn't know answers to, we just simply said we didn't know, but told him what we did know to be true. It was intense! At one point, he said that he'd talked to missionaries before and "no Mormon could convince me" of this and that, mainly about repentance and sinning and things like that. Honestly though, he's right. No Mormon will ever be able to convince him of anything! We don't convert, the Holy Ghost does. We can't touch his spirit or his heart, but the Holy Ghost can. He and his wife and family are going on vacation for a few weeks, but they want us to come back next month and teach them again. I can't wait! I'm going to prepare and study and be ready for the next time we see them(:

Anyways, that was probably the most exciting thing that happened this week! We've still been doing a lot of less active teaching, and we've tried to visit Larissa again but she wasn't home all week. But we will keep trying(: I've learned that missionary work, takes work! In order to be successful and fulfill our purpose as missionaries, we have to work. We have to be obedient. We have to try our hardest, and I know if we do those things then Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and especially the Holy Ghost will be there with us every step of the way. I just love this gospel so much(: Hearing what other people believe and telling us that our religion isn't right, it just strengthens my testimony that much more! Because I know for a fact it is true. And I know that because the Holy Ghost has reaffirmed that to me many times in my life, and no one can take that away from me!

We are starting a new program in our ward called Feed My Sheep, and it's a two week program for families to follow. By the end of the two weeks, after exercising faith and obedience, they will prayerfully come to know of at least one person who needs and is willing to be taught the gospel. I'm so excited for this! Our wars mission leader and wars missionaries are helping us out with it, and we are going to start with six different families doing this. We need the ward members help very badly! Hopefully this will motivate them more to get involved with missionary work.

Sounds like the reunion was a good ol' time and that everyone is doing well! I'm sorry that you've been sick Mas :/ that's always a bummer. Thanks for all of the continued support and prayers.(: I love you all so much! My challenge to you this week is to study the talk "Come What May, And Love It." I studied it this morning and loved it so much! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Thomas

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