Monday, October 19, 2015

Laramie is just awesome

There is a less active that we teach and she is the best. 
Our lessons with her are always so full of the Spirit. We send 
her talks and scriptures to read
throughout the week, and we asked her to read D&C 101: 7-9. She had a
questions about justice and mercy, she just didn't get it. I had no
idea how to explain it... And then a thought flashed in my head. We
watched a video once in seminary about this, and that' she first time
that I understood better this concept. The only word I could remember
was "Mediator" so I typed that in the gospel library search engine,
and lo and behold, this video popped up! We watched it, and after it
was over, she said "Okay. Makes sense." And that was that.(: Thank
you spirit!! That was such a cool experience. And it's true that he
will bring things to our remembrance.

Our recent convert is doing well! We started the new member lessons with her, and we
went on splits so I went with a member. She had some questions which
we helped answer, and we went into the Restoration more deeply. This
was the first time I'd taught a new member discussion, and I loved it!
She said she noticed just how different everything was after receiving
the Gift of the Holy Ghost, like she could feel it way stronger and
more often, and she could even like pay better attention in her
classes and stuff! Then I learned something new because she
said how God cares about everything we are doing, not just
spiritually. The Spirit can help us in our classes and tests and
studies too! Because the Spirit knows ALL truth, and if He is out
constant companion, He'll be there to help.(: So awesome!

This week was UW homecoming, which means the Homecoming Parade! And
the institute had a float, and so a certain select few missionaries
were able to be in the parade, including us!!(: It was SO fun! Between
us six missionaries, we probably handed out around 1,000 pass along
cards. We had this huge stack and ran out before the parade was over!
So that was pretty sweet.(: We gave out a couple of Book of Mormons
too, and I gave some moms a copy of The Family: Proclamation To the
World! Hopefully at least some of these people will reach out and
contact us!

I love being surrounded by all of these awesome people here.
Especially the leadersthey are always teasing us about "writing our boyfriends back at
home" and that he's going to set us up with someone in YSA here.
Yeahhhh probably not haha! He met his wife on his mission while he was
serving in England, so he's all about that. He's funny.(:

I love being here. I love these people, I've made so many friends and
I really really want to stay here! I cannot believe it is already the
last week of the transfer. We find out Saturday who is staying or
going, so we shall see. Pray that Sister Russell and I will both stay
here haha. I don't care how cold it gets in Laramie, Wyoming! Plus, I
can't abandon my daughter!! But, whatever the Lord has in store for us
is the right thing to do. I'll try and make the most of it while I'm
still here.(: My Ponderize scripture this week: Moroni 7:48. What's


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